NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Just when you think it's going too well.....

It probably is.

First live bands night in the venue tonight. For some silly reason I agreed to "event manage" the Backstage side of these events.

Everything's going well, we're running ahead of shedule, then one of the ampilifers stops working. This turns out to be a loose connector inside the amp, and is fixed then superglued. Then as we begin to sound check, strange noises begin to issue from the FoH desk, the K1 is not happy :(. We then do some fault finding to check (in the hope that it wasn't the K1), and eventually decide that the K1 needs fixing, and move the monitors desk to front of house.

At this point it's now about 1 hour until the doors are supposed to open, and we still have 3 bands to sound check.

Speed sound checking then happens.

Doors open about 10 minutes late, and most of the bands actually end up sounding better than normal. Probably because we kept yelling at them to turn their guitar amps down...

De-rig didn't go too badly. But we then had to walk home.

In the rain.

Maybe next week'll go slightly more smoothly...

Didn't manage to conn any freshers into doing stuff for show in a week though, they're all busy, or not in Bath. Bah !

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