NSLM (nslm) wrote,


Well okay I've been back in Bath since Friday night, I've just not got around to posting until now.

Many thanks to pfy for his help last week, getting back to Bath would have been significantly more hard work on my own. Devizes flight being almost completely set against us (3 locks in our favour out of 29) was bad enough as 2 people, on my own I dread to think...

Got to blow more stuff up on Saturday evening.

Sunday was nice an quiet, as a Sunday should be.

As for new job, I had the paperwork sat on my desk at work when I got in on Monday morning, so wondered off up to HR and officially accepted the position. I start 1st of August, not 100% sure which of the teams I'll be in, or if I'm even going to have a desk to start with, since the roof's been replaced.

My boss isn't in at the minute so I have no idea if he has any particular priorities for me. So I'm just keeping on top of the RT queues, doing some of the account system work I've been meaning to get done, and avoiding any new projects.

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