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On through Oxford and back towards Reading

The close of Tuesday saw me back in Oxford, moored up above Osney lock, and Wednesday back through to Abingdon. Both days were the classic "Sunny spells with light showers".

Yesterday I continued on back down to Goring where I managed to get one of the last available 24 hour moorings for the night. Another day of showers, June steadily turning into the stereotypical English summer. For most of the day I was sharing the locks with 3 other boats, the people all three of which seemed surprised that I was quite merrily handling a 52' boat on my own. The penultimate lock of the day wasn't large enough for the 3 of us still in convoy, so the other 2 boats went down on their own with me operating (read pushing 2 buttons), and a couple of boat then came in to go up. I closed the gates and waited for the light to come back on, it didn't so I reopened the gates, and closed them again. Again the light didn't come on, however, at this point I spotted that the blue "public power" light had gone off, and realised that the lock keeper had returned from his lunch break. The lock keeper closed the paddles from the other box, and took over. Once these boats were through came the comedy of a very large plastic cruiser who blatantly had a toy and didn't really know how to use it. Having spoken to the lock keeper I knew there was plenty of room for both of us, so had come in. I'd also been told that I didn't need to worry about the cil in this particular lock. The lock keeper was hoping that seeing a large steel narrow boat that close to them the operators of the cruiser might have the sense to move forwards into the space available to them. I was in, but only just, and I was right up against their back. The lock keeper did a slow sluice to avoid anything nasty and roll his eyes at me as I left the lock behind them. He blatantly didn't think much of them either. The final lock was larger, so even with them leaving a lot of room at the front, I had a plenty of room.

This morning I spent an hour or so pottering on down from Goring to a park not far from Pangbourne. I'm now an hour or two from Reading when I should be meeting pfy to head back down the Kennet and Avon to Bath.

Here's looking forward to a little company :)
Tags: holiday2007

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