NSLM (nslm) wrote,

From a field in Lechlade to a field west of Oxford

Well Saturday night I gave Chris a ring and arranged to meet him on Sunday. So at about 9.30 on Sunday morning it turns out he's passing through Lechlade on his way back from Oxford. So he drops in to say hello, we chat, and eventually decide to go and find some food. In the end Chris decided to cook a roast back at his place, and a very nice roast it was too. So I got to catch up on LJ and comics using his broadband. When he dropped me off we were parked in a field, since there weren't too many people about and it was technically public land Chris suggested "Would you like to try driving?" So I got my first very basic lesson in clutch control, in a field just outside Lechlade. Unsurprisingly I stalled a few times, but eventually got the hang of it. Good fun for a Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday I boated back from Lechlade to the pub who's cooker wasn't working last week, and got to have the meal I wanted last week. Not quite worth the wait, but still a reasonable chicken, leek and ham pie. I got rained on several times and played amusing timings in a couple of places, just when I though I was going to be manually operating a lock solo, someone else would turn up :)

This morning is a glorious sunny morning and I've pulled up to get a little DIY done, and will probably have lunch then potter on back through Oxford.
Tags: holiday2007

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