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Well today I completed the trip from Reading to the top of the navigable Thames, and I'm currently moored at the end of a field near Lechlade.

On leaving Oxford, the feel of the Thames changes drastically it becomes significantly narrower, and winds significantly more. The countryside is beautiful, although in places the river bends so much it's actually quite hard work getting a narrow boat through. But I survived, reached the end of the navigable Thames, and have turned around ready to head back down to Reading.

I also seem to have got the hang of getting to locks just as the lock keeper turns up for the day, which especially up at this end where all the locks are manual, makes solo boating on the Thames somewhat simpler

A part of me misses being in my usual stomping grounds, some of this is probably because I know I have some new challenges about to turn up at work, but the change of scenery has been nice. Maybe next time I do this I'll have some company...
Tags: holiday2007

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