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Maybe tomorrow, I'll want settle down, Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

Monday began quite grey. Since I had to be back in Bath for the afternoon, I decided not to boat, and sat and read instead. Having had lunch I wandered off to the train station, only to discover that all trains going via Paddington were severely delayed due to a vehicle colliding with one of the bridges. Of course this happened long enough ago that actually one of the previous trains, now 50 minutes late, was about to arrive. So I got on that train and on reaching Reading heard the announcement for the Bristol train, which was also delayed, and now expected in the next few minutes. All in all I got back to Bath uncommonly quickly. I then wandered up to campus to leech some bandwidth and meet my kind host for the evening, Tom.

The evening was spent in the Raven, eating, drinking and listening to a talk about the current state of nuclear fusion. The summary being, we're at least 20 years from getting power into the national grid from nuclear fusion, and that's assuming they get the funding they need, and nothing turns up to surprise them.

Tuesday morning I had an interview for a post in BUCS, I ended up stating around in the BUCS foyer chatting to half the web team, with Neil Francis (one of the people who'd be interviewing me) sat reading a copy of PC world 5 feet away from us. The interview was reasonably straight forward: explain your relevant experience, followed by what about the following areas that I'd forgotten to talk about, followed by "How do you think you will do working in a team rather than generally on your own?" I've had interviews I thought went worse, and I've had interviews I thought went better.

When I got back to the boat, not feeling particularly hungry and with the weather improving, I decided to go boating for a couple of hours, and ended up mooring at the bottom of a field somewhere not far from Dorcester. Fun new thing for the day... Operating one of the "public power" Thames locks, just by pushing a few buttons! Because my mobile signal was somewhat flakey I decided not to bother trying to check my mail, continued reading my book, and eventually went to bed.

This morning was started bright and early. I set off for the first lock, and when I got there the lock keeper hadn't arrived for the day. This was also a Thames lock without "public power" so is operated by a couple of small levers and a big wheel, that you turn, and turn, and turn... I rapidly discovered that manually operating the Thames locks is hard work, not something to generally bother with. Fortunately just as I was closing the bottom gates the lock keeper arrived and used his extra handle to operate the pneumatics with an electric pump. I continued on up the Thames and decided to call it a day around lunchtime and moored up in Abbingdon.

At this point I checked my mail for the first time since Monday night. I had an email from the head of HR telling me to call him he has "What [he] hopes is some good new for [me]". I called him and was told that I got the BUCS job, and that Mark Willis and Dave Cunningham are now going to figure out quite which date I move down to building 2 South.

So with a new job about 6 weeks away, depending on quite what DC and MAW agree, and the weather closing in, time to settle down with a good book and a bottle of wine.
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