NSLM (nslm) wrote,

On through to Goring

Another day that the BBC were predicting would be grotty, and another day that wasn't.

Initially this morning it was blue skies, by the time I'd applied the next coat of varnish to the doors it looked like it was going to rain on us. However, as we approached the first lock the skies cleared and the sum came out. We ended up having to wait at the first lock as a pair of boats had beaten us to it, however they waited for us at the next lock, as the last two locks on the Kennet and Avon were just large enough to fit all three boats.

We finished the lock and waited for the Reading traffic lights to let us through the center of Reading, the lights went green nice and fast, and we soon got to the first of the Thames locks. Where I'd intended to buy my Environment Agency (Thames) license, since I only have a license for the British Waterways navigations, not the Environment Agency navigations. However, there was no lock keeper on duty, so I had to continue on, and buy one at the first available chance.

Having found, possibly the last mooring large enough for Phocidae at Tescos I bade fairwell to Chris to had to head off and sort the plumbing problems at a friends house, and stocked up in Tescos then had lunch before continuing off down the Thames.

The parts of Reading that are on the Thames are actually quite nice, combined with the best of British sunshine, made for a lovely days cruising. The next lock, although staffed, was unable to issue me with I license so it was the third lock before I was able to hand over my £90 and acquire my 15 day license to cover the 2 weeks I plan to be on the Thames for.

The further I got from Reading, the fewer other boats there seemed to be on the River. By the time I reached Pangbourne I was the only one going upstream. The weather tried to grey over, but still didn't rain on me, and by the time I was nearing Goring and deciding to moor up for the day the sun had come back out, completing a pleasant afternoon.

Now, all things considered, time for dinner!
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