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I used to rely mostly on Spam Assassin for a large chunk of my anti spam measures. A month or two back I switched to using SpamHaus's SBL and XBL black lists. This was almost as good as SA, with a fraction of the load. Then I spotted their PBL list

The Policy Block List is a great idea, the ISPs can state which of their IP blocks should be sending mail through their relays, and not direct to your servers. Why they don't just block this traffic directly I don't know, but hey, now I can block it. The exception being if the connection has been authenticated as one of my users.

I check all three lists now through their "Zen" list which is a combination of the 3 lists. I seem to be getting a better SPAM/HAM ratio through these 3 lists than I was from Spam Assassin, without having to go through the data stage of receipt :)

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