NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Weekend and a "day off"

I seem to have spent most of my recent "days off" actually doing something other than rest.

Saturday afternoon was spent making some new rope fenders for the boat (I don't like the black rubber pipe fenders). It's reasonably hard work, and I now have a couple of sore patches on my hands, which attempted to become blisters but failed. I did however have my landlord spot me fitting them and comment about the nice new fenders wondering where I'd bought them from. :)

Saturday night we went to an orchestral concert in Bristol, which was good.

Sunday after lunch we went to see TMNT, which was a good laugh. Then when I got home I finished making my fenders.

Monday was a dull day at work, most things seem to be behaving themselves. Tuesday I helped Jo move home... Loading the van was up 1 flight of stairs (basement flat). Unloading the van on the other hand was up 4 flights of stairs. It all went fairly smoothly, although it was reasonably hard work.

First thing this morning I felt fine... Now I feel absolutely shattered.
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