NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Random Excursion

Because we could, a small group of us decided to go on an excursion to the seaside on Saturday.

So for the second time (previous excursion) I went to Torquay, this time I didn't miss the last train back to Bath.

There was paddling in the sea, walking along the seafront, flying kites, tea, ice cream and cream teas, oh and ROCK! :)

For some silly reason none of us thought to bring a camera, so the only photos are from my phone...

Torquay March 2007

The weather was really nice all the time we were in Torquay. The route back for some strange reason took us via Westbury where we ended up stuck for 45 minutes because a train was running late. Got back to Bath, and then for some strange reason decided to see if the fastest route home was over the top of the hill up to university. Simple answer, yes it is. Cycling up Widcombe hill's not as bad as I remember it being...

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