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Hardware hendor recommendation.

We got a new box in and it wasn't showing up all the ram it should (26G instead of 32). Try various configurations and discover that it appears to be a single dodgy stick of RAM.

Phoned up the vendor and they were very accepting of my diagnosis and within minutes of phoning them they'd agreed to send out another stick of RAM. The phone was answered wonderfully quickly, and the price we got the box for was a hell of a lot cheaper than any of their competitors.



We used to use Sweet Valley for all of our desktops and servers until the Uni turned round and introduced the approved suppliers and made you sign forms to get non-approved supplier products. I always got on very well with them. We had one (very) dodgy server from them but the rest of the stuff was pretty much exactly what I asked for.
Well ITP have started refusing to deal with some of the approved suppliers, and we seem to be bypassing them now, and slowly swinging back to people like Sweet Valley.

Ultimately the approved suppliers thing was supposed to bring prices down by adding more purchasing power (or something like that), if they can't match prices then something's broken. For the high spec stuff Sweet Valley seem to be unbeatable by the approved suppliers.
The approved suppliers were bought in as part of EU legislation regarding organisations that spend more than a certain amount on certain types of purchases. The university is obligated to set up approved suppliers for PC equipment.

Whilst I was against using the approved suppliers initially we found that without a signed PUR2 form Finance stopped processing invoices. We also found that Rod Angood started questioning our purchasing.

You can always buy bespoke kit from non-main suppliers if you can demonstrate that it is a specialist piece of kit. This enabled us to buy laptops and desktops we want for the graphics group becuase they need special cards. High-spec processors and dual boards for servers etc. However for bog-standard kit I would be wary of trying to use Sweet valley just because Finance will get a bee in its bonnet about it.

If you are getting around this could you ask Mark W to speak to Dr Mark Cahill in CS and let him know how you're doing it ;-)
So let me get this straight, you're recommending a supplier who shipped a box with 32Gb of Ram which they hadn't properly tested?

August 2010

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