NSLM (nslm) wrote,

Windows on Dell

Okay for years installing Linux onto a machine was considered to be difficult. I've just encountered something amusing.

User orders a new Dell, and requests that we install Linux on it. Machine turns up, stick the Fedora disks in do a default install, consisting of clicking next a few times, selecting selecting a location and clicking next a few more times. Leave it installing while I go to lunch.

Come back and the user's decided that they want it to be dual boot, whatever, stick the windows install disks in and try to boot. The "detecting hardware" message comes up and then the screen goes blank. Same thing happens with various other XP install disks we've got.

Our solution.... Finish the Linux install and throw on a VMWare Windows VM (We have several full versions of VMWare Workstation so can generate our own VMs) and use the free VMWare player.

So ultimately on this machine installing Linux is much simpler than installing Windows...

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