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I am currently trialing soft contact lenses (as of ~ 2.30 yesterday afternoon). One thing I will say for them is they're a damned sight more comfortable than hard contact lenses, which I tried a few years back. However this did lead to some minor amusement...

I have a reasonably strong asigmatism, this means that until recently soft contact lenses were not an option. JnJ have in the last couple of weeks released a new line of contact lenses that will deal with an astigmatism. I happened to decide that after something over 18months it was time to get my eye sight tested.Lo and behold my prescription had changed, and it was mentioned to me that contact lenses my again be an option, not only the old hard lenses, but as of the Tuesday after my apointment soft lenses were going to be an option. So I decided to try them. Glasses and lenses were ordered. On the Thursday I get a call telling me that they had arrived. Now normally, the fitting appointment happens before the lenses are ordered, but because the appropiate type of lense wasn't going to be out until just after my appointment so it was going to be a case of ordering them then having to book another appointment once they're in. I go in to collect my glasses and make a fitting appointment for the lenses, that was for yesterday.

While in the room with the optition I get a phone call, I reject it and let voice mail take it. While the optition was on the phone finding out when the slightly stronger lenses would be available I check the voicemail...

Mr Chappell, this is D&A our records show that your contact lenses arrived last week but we don't seem to have a record of you collecting them, could you please contact us to let us know what's happening.

Yes, they called me during the appointment to find out what was going on with my contact lenses.

I'm probably going to have to put the trial on hold, these lenses only correct for 1.75 of my 2.25 astigmatism, the 2.25s aren't out yet. While I can see reasonably, they're slightly worse than my previous set of glasses. Although it's very nice to have periferal vision.


I had gas permeable contact lenses for years (over 20)... I finally had the lasik surgery . They wouldn't give me soft lenses as I had too many problems. I have enjoyed the surgery immensely and figure I have never spent money more wisely.
Hmm, I've had soft contact lenses for my astigmatism for a few months now. One of my eyes isn't corrected quite as much as it needs to be, I think it only gets 2 of its 2.something, but overall I prefer them to glasses.

August 2010

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